Saturday Link Roundup

I finally managed to find some time this week to properly peruse the Carnival of Personal Finance and the Festival of Frugality, so here are some highlights from both of those wonderful collaborations. Adjust Your Tax Withholding Millionaire Bag Lady Frenzy for cheap stuff is the iconic image of this recession How to avoid a …

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Saturday Links

I made it into the Carnival of Personal Finance this week.  Many many great articles.  I’m still going through the list.  Check it out! On a totally unrelated noted, if you have HBO, don’t miss Taking Chance, a very powerful film about one Marine’s journey to bring the body of a fallen Marine home to his …

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Happy Friday the 13th!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week, and I wasn’t happy with the entry I put together today, so instead, I’m giving you a link to this week’s Festival of Frugality, which I participated in. Have a great weekend, all.

January Top Referrals

Thanks to everyone who linked to this site in January.  The top referrers for this past month were: Saving 4 Later Always the Planner Budgets are Sexy Change Can Be a Good Thing Beachgirl’s Budget Blog Check them out!

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