Dollar a Day – February Update

After two months, my Dollar a Day account currently contains $60.08. $60 in contributions and $.08 in interest income. Just over $60 saved, painlessly, in two months. Sure, it might not seem like much. And putting just $1 away really isn’t all that much. But it really adds up quickly.

Rate Chasing

I have always said that I wouldn’t chase rates when it came to high yield online savings accounts. I have an account with ING that I use for both my long-term savings and my day to day account, as well as bill-pay and I (luckily) opened a CD with them just before the rates dropped. …

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$1 a day? Why not $10?

Over at No Credit Needed, there is a great post about what you can accomplish if you save just $1 a day and what you can accomplish if you can manage to put away $10 a day. Kind of makes you re-think that trip to the vending machine, doesn’t it?

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